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Jan 26, 2023, 9:17:00 PM

Sold to Canada

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Fantast van de Kempenhoeve
Pavarotti van de Helle
Ratina van de Kempenhoeve
Madam Michelle
Leuns Veld's Zandro
Heitrak's Marvin
Leuns Veld's Sabine
Madam's Melanie
Wester Aikema's Adios
Madam's Mirella
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Very talented hunter pony!

Achille is still green but shows a lot of potential as a future hunter.

He is easy, eager to learn, has a lot of balance and jumps with a top technique. Add that to his excellent movements and you know where his future lies!

Achille has one small remark which is that he sucks a little wind every now and then.

In the case of direct export to non-EU countries, VAT is no longer applicable (21% becomes 0%). If the export is delayed (but happens as soon as possible), the VAT will be refunded after we have received the official export document (which is drawn up by customs).


Date of birth 19-04-2019
Gender Gelding
Color Chestnut
Studbook BWP
Height C-Pony (1.36)
VAT 0.00%


Entered by

Fabrie Fijen Sporthorses

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