Dutch Horse Trading, 24-26 Januari 2023

Dutch Horse Trading, 24-26 Januari 2023

Ended on Jan 26, 2023, 10:25 PM

20 sport horses, 19 young horses, 1 equitation, 5 hunter, 4 pleasure horses, 2 dressage horses

Status: Closed
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Ended auctions

Dailybridge Tag Z

Ace jumper! Out of the dam of Westbridge (1.60m) & Dollar Bridge (1.50m)

7. Dailybridge Tag Z

Deister x Corland

°2019 Stallion Young horse

Special Edition

Careful and scopey, you’ll go far with this one!

3. Special Edition

Caretino Gold x Ciacomo

°2015 Gelding Sport horse

Quickly Sunday Z

Every Day That Sunday Feeling With Quickly Sunday Z!

37. Quickly Sunday Z

Qatar Z x Calido I

°2019 Stallion Young horse

Candice vh Bergerhof Z

Green 6-year-old mare with experience up to 1.10m level

10. Candice vh Bergerhof Z

Canterburry x Limbus Z

°2016 Mare Sport horse


Out of this world!

46. Urado

Diarado x Contendro I

°2020 Stallion Young horse


My half-sister jumps 1.55 m!

8. Pjoiter

Cohinoor VDL x Zirocco Blue VDL

°2020 Stallion Young horse

MS Aurante DD

Hunter or Jumper?

26. MS Aurante DD

Ibolensky x Cantos

°2017 Mare Hunter


Jumper or Hunter? Blood, Sharp, Careful, Top Gaits, and Very Pretty!

19. Pandora

Hermantico x Baloubet du Rouet

°2020 Mare Young horse

Chakira II

First-rate jumper out of the same dam as Chatinue (1.65m) & Bobby Brown (1.60m)

1. Chakira II

Casanova x Continue

°2017 Mare Sport horse

Chopard WNE

Large pony hunter!

51. Chopard WNE

Coer Noble x Leuns Veld's Lord

°2019 Mare Hunter

O Zento Zerna

Sportgemaakte merrie uit een echte springfamilie!

17. O Zento Zerna

Zento x Jacomar

°2019 Mare Young horse

Ubelia JS

Perfect in every way

41. Ubelia JS

Quint vh Maarlo Z x Caretino

°2020 Mare Young horse


Oboy, a true eyecatcher!

23. Oboy

Cassini's Golden Boy x Vittorio

°2019 Gelding Young horse


This wonderful horse is a must-see! Out of the lineage of Pretty Little Liar (1.60m) & Bugatti (1.60m)

42. Lorsinaa

Colman x Indoctro

°2016 Mare Sport horse

Sam van de Vrunte

Everyone's dream!

2. Sam van de Vrunte

Oliver Obolensky x Karikoka del Follee

°2018 Gelding Sport horse

Chapeau Z

Perfect amateur horse!

39. Chapeau Z

Cornado II Z x Indoctro

°2017 Mare Sport horse


Fully Automatic and Can Jump a Very Big Test!

47. Hype

Inschallah de Muze x Ahorn

°2012 Gelding Sport horse

Orange de Baugy

​Light-footed, quick off the ground and scopey

50. Orange de Baugy

Dominator Z x Barbarian

°2019 Mare Young horse


Mare out of the lineage of Opstalan's Pasquino (1.60m with Bert Romp)

9. Klaver

Big Star JR x Jackson

°2015 Mare Sport horse

Tulla Boy

Top eventer with unlimited scope!

43. Tulla Boy

Fast Silver x Blue Champion

°2016 Gelding Sport horse

Let's Play

34. Let's Play

Dakar VDL x Zavall VDL

°2016 Mare Sport horse


Looking For a Flashy Pony?

30. Flash

°2018 Mare Pleasure horse


The total package!

44. Riko

°2019 Gelding Pleasure horse


Diamond in the rough by Chaccoon Blue

45. Carlos

Chacoon Blue x Drosselklang II

°2018 Gelding Sport horse

Casper Solis Z

Top pedigree, looks, and jumping qualities!

31. Casper Solis Z

Cornet Obolensky x Up To Date

°2020 Stallion Young horse

Vanille DK Z

Scope, carefulness, and technique

15. Vanille DK Z

Vannan x Ugano Sitte

°2017 Mare Sport horse

Nascimento B

Nascimento ticks all the boxes!

21. Nascimento B

Everdale x Quarterback

°2018 Gelding Dressage horse


Who wants to shine at the shows with Mariske?

11. Mariske

Buren's Nelson x Wheelers Beautiful Dream

°2005 Mare Pleasure horse

Underestimate Z

Extremely careful and unlimited scope!

12. Underestimate Z

Qatar van 't Paradijs x Solid Gold Z

°2020 Gelding Young horse


Future Hunter Pony!

28. Achille

Fantast van de Kempenhoeve x Leuns Veld's Zandro

°2019 Gelding Hunter

Tenor van 't Klavertje

Out of the dam line of Candy (1.60) & Important de Muze (1.65)

48. Tenor van 't Klavertje

Bamako de Muze x Denzel van 't Meulenhof

°2019 Gelding Young horse

Puck GB

Who Wants to Invest in the Future?

24. Puck GB

Justice HL x Air Jordan Z

°2020 Mare Young horse

Napoleon Tren

Young Talent!

38. Napoleon Tren

O'Neill vd Bisschop x Cornet Obolensky

°2018 Gelding Sport horse


Youthful black pearl!

13. United

Querido VG x Nabab de Reve

°2020 Gelding Sport horse


Wow, a true eyecatcher!

16. Pastinaat

Valverde NRW x Sandreo

°2020 Gelding Dressage horse

Ohio VDB

A dream horse! Qualified for the 2023 VSN Final!

35. Ohio VDB

Emerald van 't Ruytershof x Baltic VDL

°2019 Gelding Young horse

Kahn End Z

All that glitters is gold in this case!

5. Kahn End Z

Kannan x Cardento

°2018 Gelding Hunter

Quinella van 't Eigenlo

That Quality!!! From the Eigenlo-family That Only Produces 1.50/1.60m Horses!

36. Quinella van 't Eigenlo

Cornet Obolensky x Echo van't Spieveld

°2016 Mare Sport horse

Felix le Blanc

Comfortable horse for a rider of stature!

29. Felix le Blanc

Flipper Sun x Corofino I

°2016 Gelding Sport horse


Een tof paard waar iedereen blij van wordt

18. Darahiste

Darshan x Animo

°2020 Mare Young horse


Diamond in the rough

14. T'Atout

Halifax van het Kluizenbos x Lys de Darmen

°2019 Stallion Young horse

Mister Glenfiddich

A Wonderful Horse for the Future!

25. Mister Glenfiddich

Glenfiddich VDL x Germus R

°2017 Gelding Sport horse


Een heerlijk amateurpaard!

49. Quindretto

Quidam's Adel x Cornet Obolensky

°2013 Gelding Sport horse


Jumping Cannon Out of the Half-Sister of Eristov (1.70m) & Barnaby (1.55m)

20. Orthos

Vigo d'Arsouilles x Caretino Gold

°2019 Gelding Young horse

Olympus Babuschka

M2-level family horse in every way

33. Olympus Babuschka

Bon Ami Z x Samba Hit II

°2010 Mare Pleasure horse

Pikatchu vd Watermolen

A lovely horse with a pleasant character!

22. Pikatchu vd Watermolen

Equus Tame x Carambole

°2020 Gelding Young horse

Harald van Klaverborch

Comfort, elasticity & technique

6. Harald van Klaverborch

Hermantico x Guidam

°2018 Gelding Sport horse

Pokerface P

Dam line packed with performance

40. Pokerface P

Poker de Mariposa TN x Diamant de Semilly

°2020 Stallion Young horse

Whistler R

Eventer or equitation horse

32. Whistler R

Whisper R x Rubens

°2018 Gelding Sport horse

Mcgyver DDL

A handsome 6-year-old gelding straight from the breeder

27. Mcgyver DDL

Arezzo VDL x Indorado

°2017 Gelding Equitation


Great hunter prospect!

4. Konya

Calato x Limocello II

°2014 Gelding Hunter

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