Dutch Horse Trading, 9 - 11 April 2024

Dutch Horse Trading, 9 - 11 April 2024

Ended on Apr 11, 2024, 9:00 PM

30 sport horses, 35 young horses, 2 equitation, 2 hunter, 4 pleasure horses, 1 dressage horse

Status: Closed
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Ended auctions

Sapphire LV

A gem!

48. Sapphire LV

Ducati van Schuttershof x Calvados

°2018 Mare Sport horse

Chef Special

A complete horse with many possibilities

68. Chef Special

Conprice x Van Gogh

°2021 Gelding Young horse

Bourvil Hof Van Breivelde Z


5. Bourvil Hof Van Breivelde Z

Balou Du Rouet x Inshallah De Muze

°2019 Gelding Hunter



63. Kado

Kazan x Kannan

°2021 Mare Young horse


Quality alert!

35. Redondo

Pommerol de Muze x Carrera VDL

°2021 Gelding Young horse

Cornet Star Z

Cornet Obolensky Power!

13. Cornet Star Z

Cornet Obolenksy x Guidams Willow

°2019 Gelding Sport horse


All the Bling!

76. Roover

Gullit HBC x Lupicor

°2021 Stallion Young horse

Rocky van de Mastwijk AT

Third dam is Diamanthina vh Ruytershof!

74. Rocky van de Mastwijk AT

Qartoon de Muze x Plot-Blue

°2021 Stallion Young horse

Vittoria de Tiji

Mare from a TOP lineage

36. Vittoria de Tiji

Dr. Touch de Tiji x Ideal de la Loge

°2021 Mare Young horse

Ghita van het Scheefkasteel Z

Outstanding quality!

70. Ghita van het Scheefkasteel Z

Grandorado TN x Elvis ter Putte

°2021 Mare Young horse

Chacotalina PS

Quality of Chacoon Blue out of the lineage of Balou du Reventon and Balou du Rouet!

11. Chacotalina PS

Chacoon Blue x Centadel

°2017 Mare Sport horse


Competitive mare with experience at 1.35m level!

1. Kress

Eldorado vd Zeshoek x Haarlem

°2015 Mare Sport horse


Monet gives you options!

2. Monet

Denzel van't Meulenhof x Ukato

°2017 Mare Equitation

Pynnock van Horst

Scope for Aachen!

3. Pynnock van Horst

Thunder van de Zuuthoeve x Lys de Darmen

°2015 Gelding Sport horse

Chavah van Berlingen Z

Horse for the future!

6. Chavah van Berlingen Z

Chacco Blue II x Big Star Jr K Z

°2020 Mare Sport horse


een leuk project om te kopen

7. Njord

Grand Slam VDL x Arezzo VDL

°2018 Gelding Sport horse

Vintage M

Aparte kwaliteit !!

8. Vintage M

Piece Of Cake M x Le Blue Diamond van 't Ruytershof

°2021 Stallion Young horse

Elnorado Storm Z

Quality & Scope

17. Elnorado Storm Z

Eldorado vd Zeshoek x Joly st-Hubert

°2022 Stallion Young horse

For Cash Z

Reliable & Safe!

10. For Cash Z

For Fox Heldenlaan Z (For Pleasure) x Ciro Z

°2018 Gelding Sport horse

Vic van de Vrunte

vermogen en voorzichtigheid

40. Vic van de Vrunte

Rocco vd Bisschop (Chacoon Blue) x Jokinal de Bornival

°2021 Stallion Young horse

Colette Z

Mare from international performance lineage!

27. Colette Z

Colman x Ok Du Rozel

°2019 Mare Sport horse



18. Racia-Ire

Comthago x Ultimo

°2021 Mare Young horse

Lyon v/d Spijkershoeve

Hunter Pony!

9. Lyon v/d Spijkershoeve

Devine vd Prinsenhof x Den Deel's Jarno

°2015 Gelding Pleasure horse


Scope, reflexes, and technique!

14. Stakkato

Stakkato Gold x Calido

°2019 Gelding Sport horse


Scope & Rideability!

15. Vagaboom

Vagabond de la Pomme x Carpaccio

°2018 Gelding Sport horse

Dilando Z

He’s got the looks!

16. Dilando Z

Diamant de Semilly x Oklund

°2019 Gelding Sport horse

Mobelensky Time


4. Mobelensky Time

Cohinoor VDL x Quality Time

°2017 Gelding Sport horse

Rocksthar van de Duinbosschen

Top quality!

19. Rocksthar van de Duinbosschen

Ipsthar x Cardento

°2021 Gelding Young horse

Paparazzi van 't Kalmthout

Straight out of the dam line of Valentina van ‘t Heike and many other international jumpers!

20. Paparazzi van 't Kalmthout

Carrera VDL x Goldfever

°2020 Gelding Young horse

Royal Highness van de Duinbosschen

Hunter or Jumper?!

21. Royal Highness van de Duinbosschen

Dallas VDL x Ustinov

°2021 Gelding Young horse

Risotto van de Zwartbleshoeve

The complete package!

12. Risotto van de Zwartbleshoeve

Jilbert van 't Ruytershof x Clinton

°2017 Gelding Sport horse


22. Nikianca

Comme Il Faut x Numero Uno

°2018 Mare Sport horse


Prize winner!

23. Hulapalu

Quasimodo van de Molendreef x Landor S

°2018 Gelding Sport horse

Cirius Black van't Vossenhof Z


24. Cirius Black van't Vossenhof Z

Cornet Obolensky x Ustinov

°2018 Gelding Sport horse

Green Light Waldstar Z

Looking for quality? Click here!

25. Green Light Waldstar Z

Gemini CL xx x Extrase

°2020 Gelding Sport horse

Charly Brown

Het Bonte Amateurpaard

26. Charly Brown

Cassus 2 x Contender

°2016 Gelding Sport horse

Valesco Di Padua

5th in free jumping final of Jumping Mechelen!

28. Valesco Di Padua

Opium JW vd Moerhoeve x Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve

°2021 Stallion Young horse

Pialotta Terma

Scope and quality in one!

29. Pialotta Terma

Quool du Bois Margot x Emillion

°2020 Mare Young horse


Dream pedigree and all the quality!

30. Rebel

Vigo d'Arsouilles x Comme Il Faut

°2021 Mare Young horse

Aganox de Verve Z

Everyone needs an Aganix!

31. Aganox de Verve Z

Aganix du Seigneur Z x Up To Date

°2021 Stallion Young horse

Sunday van de Eedthoek

Competitief sportpaard !

34. Sunday van de Eedthoek

Di Cantero van ter Hulst Z x Quinn vd Heffinck

°2018 Mare Sport horse


My sister was sold to Jan Tops!

32. Patser

Ibolensky x Ukato

°2020 Gelding Young horse

Agolina Z

Quality mare by Aganix du Seigneur!

33. Agolina Z

Aganix du Seigneur x Cento

°2018 Mare Sport horse


Veel vermogen

37. Pubalt

Jukebox x Quasimodo Z

°2020 Gelding Young horse


Presence, Carefulness & Scope!

38. Redestki-C

Opium JW vd Moederhoeve TN x Guidams Sohn

°2021 Gelding Young horse



39. Rocky

Donthargos x Zambesi

°2021 Gelding Young horse

Cash V Z

Top quality!

42. Cash V Z

Canturano I x Lupicor

°2021 Gelding Young horse


EQ / Children / Schoolmaster

43. Calanda

Clinton I x As di Villagana

°2011 Mare Equitation

Ghostbuster H

MR Perfect!

45. Ghostbuster H

Grandorado TN x Quinta Real

°2021 Stallion Young horse


Black Pearl!

46. Ropenka

Panenka de Kalvarie x Bacardi VDL

°2021 Stallion Young horse

Levi van de Kattenberg

44. Levi van de Kattenberg

Levisto Z x Tornado II

°2019 Gelding Hunter


1.35m winner!

47. Vahdat

Mullaghdrin Touch de Stars x Oklund

°2017 Mare Sport horse


A ray of sunshine!

50. Noor

Casallco x Omni Star

°2018 Mare Sport horse

Red Fire


52. Red Fire

Fürst Jazz x Krack C

°2021 Stallion Dressage horse


The sweetest children’s pony!

53. Erica

°2012 Mare Pleasure horse

Nubber On Two S'Pride

Bomb proof, super easy and always eager to jump!

54. Nubber On Two S'Pride

Untouchable x Zirocco Blue VDL

°2018 Mare Sport horse


Nice project!

55. Nando

Dakar VDL x Goodtimes

°2018 Gelding Sport horse

V.Olympia O.Z

Fun project!

56. V.Olympia O.Z

Vangelis x Palisco

°2019 Mare Sport horse

Cookie Crush Z

My sister jumps 1.60m!

57. Cookie Crush Z

Caretino Gold x Caretano Z

°2014 Gelding Sport horse

Romeo B

Geen huis te hoog voor deze Romeo.

58. Romeo B

Poker de Mariposa TN x Canabis Z

°2021 Gelding Young horse

Power Of Love Z

One to fall in love with!

59. Power Of Love Z

El Barone 111 Z x Balou du Rouet Z

°2020 Mare Young horse

Rocky B

Patent en lichtvoetig springende zoon van Komme Casall TN

60. Rocky B

Komme Casall TN x Grandorado TN

°2021 Gelding Young horse

Hope Sparkle

The cutest!

61. Hope Sparkle

°2020 Gelding Pleasure horse

Verdi van ‘t Klavertje Vier

My grandmother is Candy(1.65) of Pieter Devos!!

49. Verdi van ‘t Klavertje Vier

Taran de la Pomme x Denzel van ‘t Meulenhof

°2021 Stallion Young horse

Coimbra H

One for the future!

62. Coimbra H

Conthargos x Canturo

°2020 Gelding Young horse

Cirada de Trebox

Ready to start!

64. Cirada de Trebox

Cicero Z van Paemel x Acorado I

°2020 Mare Young horse


The perfect schoolmaster

65. Noeska

Vino H x Top Natrio

°2009 Mare Pleasure horse

Rebel Jet B

Your new star!

66. Rebel Jet B

Le Kannan x Stakkato

°2021 Gelding Young horse

Ariëlle Z

Outstanding jumping machine!!

67. Ariëlle Z

Amadeo van ‘t Vossenhof x Calido

°2021 Mare Young horse

Casera 4

69. Casera 4

Cellestial x Le Vainqueur

°2017 Mare Sport horse

Asia Des Courtis Z

71. Asia Des Courtis Z

Aganix du Seigneur x Canadian River

°2018 Mare Sport horse

Ouiliette JKB

automatic show jumper !!

72. Ouiliette JKB

Diamant x Cedric

°2019 Mare Sport horse


73. Priscilla

Cohinoor VDL x Jupilot

°2020 Mare Young horse



75. Rolydi

Dorian Grey TN Z x Grandorado TN

°2021 Mare Young horse

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