Fabrie Fijen Sporthorses

Fabrie Fijen Sporthorses

Niels Fabrie
De Uitgang 16
5531 NM Bladel
The Netherlands

cell: +31 (0)6 22206340
email: info@fabriefijen.com
website: www.fabriefijen.com


Together with his partner Amber Fijen, Niels Fabrie runs Fabrie Fijen Sporthorses in Bladel. They have a wide range of show jumpers in their stable, from young jumpers to safe schoolmasters and from top horses to well-ridden jumpers between four and twelve years old. Some older horses have already gained international experience.

Niels is the initiator of Dutch Horse Trading. "There are a lot of online horse auctions these days. I wanted to set up a platform where we could join the forces of reliable horse dealers and work openly and transparently. We have a fixed auction at a fixed time of the month, so we don't have to go to multiple auctions anymore to put our horses up for sale. It will be much easier for us, but I also think it will benefit the customer. Due to our transparency, they will get to know us and hopefully trust us and purchase a horse with more confidence," said Niels.

Many horses have already ended up with the right riders via Fabrie Fijen Sporthorses. El Rocco (VDL Zirocco Blue x Ircolando) jumps at the highest level with Bart Bles, and Mirabel vd Oudevelhoeve (Inshallah de Muze x Lys de Darmen) finished fourth in the Grand Prix of Mannheim with Timo Beck.

Top sport is not the only segment Niels focuses on, though. "I think it is important that a horse is suitable for its intended use. Of course, I like to see the right mentality, attitude, quality, and scope in a horse. That makes the life of a showjumper a lot easier. But more importantly, a horse needs to cooperate with his rider and fulfill the purpose for which it was purchased."

For the monthly auction of Dutch Horse Trading, Niels will mainly enter quality young horses aswell as older horses.

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