23 jan. 2024

Dutch Horse Trading is gearing up for their first auction of 2024 with, once again, a wonderful collection of young and ridden showjumpers, competitive 7- and 8-year-olds, some dressage horses, brood mares, hunters, schoolmasters, (hunter) ponies, and pleasure horses. Dutch Horse Trading stands for transparency, quality, honest prices, and many different types of horses. There’s a horse for every rider and for every wallet. Check them out on and place your bid between January 30 and February 1.


With several interesting brood mares, a gorgeous and competitive 8-year-old, an already at international level performing 7-year-old, and several talented 6-year-olds ready to compete in the young horses classes, the first collection of Dutch Horse Trading in the year 2024 is one to have a serious look at, especially for people who like to investment in a couple of horses or who would like to dedicate their time and talent to produce a top talent.


DHT Made Good On Their Promise

In the two years Dutch Horse Trading exists, the auction team has made good on their promise to provide talented, as well as useful horses in their auction. Several DHT-graduates have proven themselves in young horse classes, as super sweet pony’s, as trustful partners for amateur riders, and as competitive competition horses.


Make Sure You Are Registered

But also if you need a brood mare or a dressage horse, Dutch Horse Trading might just have the one you are looking for! Check out this month’s collection to see if there’s a horse of your liking. If there is, make sure you are registered and place your bid between Tuesday, January 30 and Thursday, February 1.



About the honesty and transparency of Dutch Horse Trading: team members are always willing to tell you everything they know about the horse, and many clients come back after their initial purchase.


All Information Available to the Client

Pedigrees, videos, X-rays, vet reports and more details are available on Feel free to come and try out the horses yourself or to send somebody to do it for you. You can also have the horse checked by a veterinarian of your choice.



Are you looking for a quality horse, and investment, or your next equine partner? Go to and the social media pages to find your match! The collection is online and the auction closes Thursday, February 1 at 20h CET / 2 pm EST. Contact Niels Fabrie (+31 6 22 20 63 40) for more information.

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