Dutch Horse Trading, 22-24 November 2022

Dutch Horse Trading, 22-24 November 2022

Ended on Nov 24, 2022, 11:02 PM

1 embryo, 14 sport horses, 23 young horses, 6 hunter, 5 pleasure horses, 6 dressage horses

Status: Closed
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Ended auctions

Succes Star vd Breemeersen

Top Horse for Amateurs & Professionals!

17. Succes Star vd Breemeersen

Breemeersen Cornet Star x Gottwald

°2018 Mare Sport horse


Out of Laura Kraut's 1.60m Mare TEIRRA!

46. O'Ranger

Elvis ter Putte x Tolano van 't Riethof

°2019 Gelding Young horse

Q-Melrose W

A Power House!

22. Q-Melrose W

Quickly de Kreisker x Caretano Z

°2017 Mare Sport horse

Easy Boy 1919 Z

Scopey Son of Emerald van't Ruytershof!

35. Easy Boy 1919 Z

Emerald van't Ruytershof x For Pleasure

°2020 Stallion Young horse

Sunny vd Bisschop

Beautiful Color!

32. Sunny vd Bisschop

Vannan x Roccossifred

°2018 Mare Young horse


100% Hunter!

9. Nakato

Impressive VDL x VDL Corland

°2018 Gelding Hunter


A True Children's Friend!

55. Kristin

Kotse x Muti

°2014 Mare Pleasure horse

Cincinatti Z

Future GP Horse!

30. Cincinatti Z

Cappucino JW vd Moerhoeve Z x Argentinus

°2019 Stallion Young horse

Ai Ai van 't Koningshof Z

Potential for the Biggest Tracks in the World!

1. Ai Ai van 't Koningshof Z

Aganix du Seigneur x Elanville

°2017 Mare Sport horse

Happy the Peppy

Great Allround Pony!

38. Happy the Peppy

Onbekend x Onbekend

°2019 Gelding Hunter

P.S. I Love You

Stallion prospect!

48. P.S. I Love You

Grandorado TN x Indoctro

°2020 Stallion Young horse


This One is on Springs! Dam Jinte jumped at 1.45m level!

57. Urmitage

Ermitage Kalone x Clinton

°2020 Gelding Young horse

No Worries

No Worries about the Quality!

2. No Worries

Innocent x Luron

°2018 Mare Sport horse


Your Precious Soulmate

42. Carlos

Casaltino x Levisto

°2016 Gelding Sport horse

Picon van den Bosrand

Scope for Aachen!

24. Picon van den Bosrand

Piper vd Heffinck x Bamako de Muze

°2020 Gelding Young horse

Mister Grey

Mindset & That Extra Scope! Out of the Lineage of Quala (1.60m) & Laureen Blue (1.60m)!

16. Mister Grey

GFE Up to You x Untouchable M

°2019 Stallion Young horse

Survivor van 't Heike

From the Famous Family Van't Heike!

3. Survivor van 't Heike

Gold Fever van 't Heike x For Pleasure

°2018 Mare

Knees Up

The New Itot du Chateau!

34. Knees Up

Colman x Corrado I

°2019 Mare Young horse

I'm A Special Crystal

Jumping Machine!

43. I'm A Special Crystal

I'm Special de Muze x Corot du Buisson Z

°2019 Gelding Young horse


Unlimited Scope!

5. Only

Hernandez TN x Verdi

°2019 Mare Young horse

C Malibu Z

Life is a Lot More Pleasant With Malibu!

20. C Malibu Z

Canturano Z x Heartbreaker

°2017 Mare Sport horse

Emerald vh Ruytershof x Viola XXIII (Cassini I)

Frozen embryo of Emerald van 't Ruytershof

41. Emerald vh Ruytershof x Viola XXIII (Cassini I)

Emerald van 't Ruytershof x Cassini I

Embryo Embryo


53. Kyan-Lee

Ghandi x Fuerst Romancier

°2015 Gelding Dressage horse

Pyria SC

The next Totilas?

50. Pyria SC

Fürstenbal x Vivaldi

°2020 Mare Dressage horse

Kantano Z

Talented half-brother of Hilton des Bruyeres (1.60m)

23. Kantano Z

Kimono van de Bisschop x Fuego du Prelet

°2019 Gelding Young horse


For the Person Looking for a WINNER!

7. Spetter

Onbekend x Onbekend

°2003 Mare Pleasure horse


The American Dream!

12. Nadien

I am Codex x Argentinus

°2018 Mare Hunter


Unicorn Hunter Pony Alert!!

8. Cara

Crumpwell Hanley x Baledon Jeremiah

°2013 Mare Hunter


Dressage Phenomenon!

37. Priceless

Hometown x Ferdeaux

°2020 Gelding Dressage horse

Ta Belle van 't Heike

Mare from the dam line of Valentina van 't Heike!

29. Ta Belle van 't Heike

Heartbeat x Indoctro

°2019 Mare Young horse

Purple Rose

Dancing queen by Fontaine TN

52. Purple Rose

Fontaine TN x Johnson

°2020 Mare Dressage horse


You HAVE to See This One; He is a Machine!

58. Dombreaker

Dominator Z x Heartbreaker

°2018 Gelding Sport horse

Papillon Especiale

Type, Movement & Jumping! From the full sister of High Fly Special (1.50m) & Be Special (1.50m)

27. Papillon Especiale

Edinburgh x Chacco-Blue

°2020 Gelding Young horse

Utopie WDH

Eyecatcher! From the family of Jenson (1.50m)

26. Utopie WDH

Eldorado van de Zeshoek TN x Le Tot de Semilly

°2020 Stallion Young horse

Jasmin de L'Abbaye

An Eye-Catcher from a Performance Family

14. Jasmin de L'Abbaye

Qlassic Bois Margot x Diamant de Semilly

°2019 Gelding Young horse

Courageux v 't Zaveleinde Z

Quality & Rideability

47. Courageux v 't Zaveleinde Z

Comme Il Faut x Rubens du ri D'asse D'96

°2016 Gelding Sport horse

Ovidius Reikja TR

Dressage Talent!

44. Ovidius Reikja TR

For Ferrero x Silvano N

°2019 Gelding Dressage horse


Sport Pony with the WOW FACTOR!

45. Juuleke

°2019 Mare Pleasure horse

Guidam Hop

The Professor of this Collection!

18. Guidam Hop

Quality Time TN x Odermus R

°2011 Gelding Sport horse

Nelson van de Keihill

Your Allround Friend for Life!

21. Nelson van de Keihill

Impressive VDL x Burggraaf

°2018 Gelding Sport horse

Peggy Sue

Conthargos quality!

49. Peggy Sue

Conthargos x Ivan R

°2020 Mare Young horse


Super Attractive Youngster! WOW, just WOW!

11. Olafiona

Hometown x Westpoint

°2019 Mare Dressage horse

Amadee Z

Modern Future Sport Horse!

6. Amadee Z

Amadeo van 't Vossenhof Z x Cassini II

°2019 Gelding Young horse


Little Pony - Great Quality!

54. Gracefull

Gurnos Welsh Performer x Gurnos Welsh Jojo

°2010 Mare Pleasure horse

Uno ter Leydonck

Careful and All the Scope!

4. Uno ter Leydonck

Jorlan x Toulon

°2020 Stallion Young horse

Toevallig van STB

Quality! From the dam line of Echo van't Spieveld!

56. Toevallig van STB

By Ceira Dick x Inshallah de Muze

°2019 Gelding Young horse

Hermes van het Kapoelhof Z

Beautiful Inside and Outside!

15. Hermes van het Kapoelhof Z

Heartbeat Z x Dollar de Murier

°2019 Stallion Young horse


Once-in-a-Life-Time Pony!

13. Snowy

Papplewick Joshua x Glanlynn Ghia

°2003 Gelding Pleasure horse

Tequila van 't Heike

This Mare Warms Your Heart Every Day!

31. Tequila van 't Heike

Etoulon VDL x Tamura van't Heike

°2019 Mare Young horse

Newton van Paebroek

Half-Brother Jumps 1.45m!

33. Newton van Paebroek

Nabab de Reve x Chin Chin

°2017 Stallion Sport horse

Tiesto van 't Heike

This One Could Become a Hit! From the Dam of Indiana van 't Heike (1.60m)

28. Tiesto van 't Heike

Big Star JR KZ x Nabab de Reve

°2019 Stallion Young horse


Hunter Professor!

39. Maestro

Fernando x Kannan

°2017 Gelding Hunter


Riding Olé is Always Oké! From the Dam of Three 1.45m Horses!

40. Olé

Apardi x Cavalier

°2019 Mare Sport horse

Malakai AASJ

Scope and Rideability To Die For!

19. Malakai AASJ

Tam Tam de Bacon x Calido I

°2017 Gelding Sport horse

Dimo van de Helle

The Ultimate Sport Horse!

25. Dimo van de Helle

Diamant de Plaisir x Perigueux

°2018 Gelding Sport horse


This Super Star Might Be Yours!

10. Skydancer

Lavallino ter Klomp x Boyfriend du Seigneur

°2018 Gelding Hunter

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